CCTV Surveillance Services

Nicon Networks provides CCTV Surveillance as a managed service where in customers can greatly benefit from not having to build in house expertise on monitoring, alerting and managing surveillance systems.


1. Protect yourself form technology obsolescence and upgrade cost

2. Cost advantage both in terms of initial investment and on going maintenance

3. Leverage our expertise in managing a variety issues related to surveillance and alerting


1. Round the clock monitoring of all your facilities from Nicon networks Central Monitoring Facility or on premise

2. Timely alerts on different criteria such as facility open/close, unusual activities etc

3. Manage storage on built-in disk, external storage and historical archive. Event retrieval as needed.

4. Weekly reports and creation of audit points

5. Ability to monitor on mobile app or browser

6. Choice of equipment purchase or included as a part of managed service

7. Secure communication and customer privacy protection

8. Alter external authorities or facilities such as fire department or police as needed

9. Preventive maintenance of systems and health check reports